Committed to Athletic Field Excellence

RZ Turf strongly believes in community pride and perhaps there’s no other event that brings a community together like a sporting event. Local rivalries are reignited each season as the school bells ring once again and we’re drawn back to a place when time seemed to stand still.

We know an athletic field is more than just a sports field. It’s where hard work and discipline meet opportunity and goals are achieved! It’s where a community comes together to support their local team. It’s where kids become future leaders by working together for a common goal.

As we cheer on our favorite team we expect a safe and healthy playing environment for each athlete to perform at their best. This is where RZ Turf can help you improve existing conditions of your athletic fields. With years of experience installing, growing, and managing turf grass, along with the infield skins for your baseball and softball fields, RZ Turf is committed to the the success of your athletic fields.

Nick Keigley

Our Services Include:

  • Baseball / Softball Field Improvement
  • Soccer Field Improvement
  • Football Field Improvement
  • Sand Cap System Installation
  • Laser Grading
  • Seeding
  • Aerification
  • Topdressing
  • Irrigation Installation

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RZ Turf "Spartan Sand Cap" Athletic Turf Field Trenching Drainage System

RZ Turf "Fraise Mowing" & USGA Root Zone Sand "Top Dressing" Renovation

We Repair + Install the Following Sports Fields:

Field Hockey

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